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Hello, My name is Wadeline, but people also call me Wawa – my nickname from the orphanage that I grew up in. Many children in Haitian orphanages, like me, are not actually orphans but have at least one parent who is still alive. My biological father gave up his parental rights to 'A New Arrival' when I was just one month old. My birth certificate says that my biological mother passed away. I have started a search for my birth parents on but I am not sure if he survived the earthquake, or the hardships of Haiti.


I was 4.5 years old and the chance of getting adopted were getting less as I got older. I might have lived in Haiti forever if it wasn’t for the devastating earthquake of 2010. It was a twist of fate that forever changed the course of my life. Nineteen children from my orphanage, including me, received humanitarian parole. A lot from what I know, I've pieced together from stories, and from this article about the son of Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett, because her son is from the same orphanage and was on the same military flight as me. 


In America I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard with a family who loves and supports me. After a few years of adjusting, I discovered soccer, and it has been my biggest passion ever since. We lived on an island, which meant hours of traveling by ferry, shuttle bus and car to practices and games. When I was in high school, I joined three other island girls commuting to club soccer several times a week. I started late but I played well and even made it to the East Region Pool for ODP, and it opened the door to a private education at a boarding school.


Sometimes, I still can't believe that I was destined to live a life without any education, but now I am about to graduate high school and go to college!


I feel very blessed and hope to pay it forward. That's why I'm raising funds for 'A New Arrival Center School,' my old orphanage which is now a school, and provides education and meals for children so they can live at home with their families. It's a cause close to my heart and I hope you will consider buying a bracelet and spread some hope.





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